Season “x”: Why TV Shows Need End Dates


If you haven’t noticed, I love TV shows. I’m the type of person that’ll occasionally fake an illness to stay at home and watch How to Get Away with Murder with a bowl of popcorn in my lap. Don’t judge. But as much as I love my TV shows, there are some shows that are just way past their prime and should be canceled.

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5 Feminist TV Shows You Need to Watch Right Now


You know what’s better than watching TV shows with male leads who are confident and sexy?

Watching TV shows with female leads who are honest, emotional, and intelligent. No offence to male driven TV shows, but I’m sick of watching men hanging out with their colleagues, having sex, and treating women as accessories.

Did you know that women are considered minorities on TV? Indie Wire profiled 46 shows on four major networks and found that only nine shows feature a majority female cast.

It’s sad, isn’t it? Men are always favoured over women in television.

Thankfully, TV shows have gotten better with introducing female leads in recent years. This is a positive trend in television because it allows for greater appreciation of women and gives female actors opportunities for jobs. But we must do our parts in keeping this feminist movement alive by watching more shows with female leads. The positive reception will let TV networks and showrunners know there’s demand for feminist shows.

Here are 5 feminists shows to get you started on our movement…

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American Television is Getting Trumped


Image source: The Odyssey Online

On a scale from 1 to 10, how mad are you when you see Donald Trump appear on your TV screen?

For me, it’s about an 11 and I’m not even kidding. It seems like we can’t escape him no matter how hard we try! From news reports to entertainment shows to late night shows, Trump’s everywhere! And I don’t understand the fascination with him that he must be on (almost) every non-drama TV show.

Yeah, I know this is a presidential year and American citizens should be informed about their candidates’ policies and decisions, but television coverage on Trump has gotten progressively worse as the election date nears and it’s harming the viewers.

Here’s why…

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#TVSoDiverse, Not So Fast…

Jimmy Kimmel

Image source: The New York Post

You probably didn’t notice, but the Emmy Awards happened two weeks ago. I originally wasn’t going to write about it because I’ve always found the Emmys uneventful compared to The Golden Globe Awards because there are no movie stars present and TV stars aren’t that interesting on their own. They must be seated with movie stars for the fun to happen.

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Why Winter Hiatuses Shouldn’t Happen in Television


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I don’t know about you, but I’m really impatient when I watch TV shows. By impatient, I mean I’ll literally turn on my television set an hour before my favourite show starts and hope that the network will mistakenly air it before its scheduled time. Like, if I had a dream job, I’d oversee all the primetime television programming because I hate waiting for new episodes to air every week and the hours leading up to it. That is how impatient I am.

I know that may seem a little overdramatic, but I’m a full-time university student and TV shows are like therapy to me. When I’m annoyed with writing essays and preparing for assignments, I can turn on my television and escape into a fictional reality because the writing has gotten so good in recent years.

One of the problems of being an impatient viewer is trying to contain the rage I feel when television networks go on winter hiatus in the middle of a season. It’s already bad enough that I have to wait a week before new episodes air, but I have to wait for months?! That’s so unfair.

So why do the powers that be continue their tradition of implementing winter hiatuses?

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